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CPM’s inclusive suite of auditing services goes beyond in-store visits. It embraces face-to-face, telephone and online points of contact with your consumers.


Comprehensive auditing programmes

At CPM, we believe retail auditing is more than just delivering POS compliance. Our comprehensive programmes incorporate face-to-face, telephone and online contact points. We even monitor and audit social media and online chat. We provide you with the complete picture, enabling you to make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Whether you’re looking for auditing of consumer behaviour, net promoter scores, or retail compliance, we will build a bespoke programme for your brand, anywhere in the world.

Face to face auditing

Our auditing provides real-time, actionable insights from the retail environment at local, national and international level.

Digital auditing
Having the data and insight to make the right decision is crucial – but it’s not always easy to obtain in certain channels.  With our digital auditing solutions you can now access the data needed to not only maintain your share, but grow your sales.

Mystery shopping and research

CPM’s team of highly qualified researchers capture valuable market intelligence, in real-time, with advanced technology.

Face to face auditing

Information is power. With up-to-the-minute insights on how your products are performing, you’re armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions, adapt sales strategy and improve customer experience. CPM offer complete retail compliance, auditing and in-store survey services. We’ll empower sales teams to undertake the right in-store actions and provide you with technology solutions that can be configured to meet your objectives today and into the future.

“CPM International and agency partners have been providing auditing solutions to CHEP for over 15 years since being appointed as their European Partner. The program has grown in breadth and depth and we now co-ordinate it in 25 countries delivering integrated physical and telephone audits. We continue to seek new ways of collaborating with CHEP and are proud that the CPM Internationalhave become a trusted and valued partner to this important Global Client”

Simmie Scott – Group Chief Development Officer

Digital auditing

*Shopt allows you to build on-going distribution and availability data through customer self audits.  Photos supplied through the app allow a real time view on your products.  Analysis can determine product availability, overall share of space and change over time.  This rich data allows you to implement strategies to grow your brand through targeted distribution offers, digital loyalty programmes and personalised advice.
The insight gained through digital auditing allows you to track performance and understand the impact on sales.

 ”  Detail’s actionable insights generate opportunities right across our online operation, creating synergies between sales, marketing and ecommerce. Now we can see the full ecommerce picture and we can focus our efforts where they will have the greatest impact. “

Niklas Rantzow | E Commerce Category Development Specialist – Royal Canin

Mystery shopping and research

When you want the insider viewpoint, we’re here to help. Our experienced research teams are experts in gathering sales intelligence. They’ll deliver real-time, fact-based insights that will help influence your relationship with retailers and drive consumer sales. CPM’s multilingual mystery shopping services encompass field face-to-face, telephone, online and video mystery shopping. We’ll even gather consumer views from social media and online chat and continuously compare them to your sales performance.

“Combining the fundamentals of Visual Merchandising with creativity CPM has an in-depth experience in this area working with companies such as Nike, Luxottica, VfC, Triumph, Levis and many more over many years. Our primary concern is to maximize quality and visibility of products to generate more sales for our clients.”
Pierpaolo Bertocco – MD CPM Italy
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