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Data, analytics and insight

Our innovation, insight and technology services deliver results, every time. We create solutions that transform the sales process and customer journey.

Data, analytics and insight

Delivering value and innovation
We’re passionate about the role that data, technology and insight play in your sales strategy. Here at Axis, the insights and technology consultancy division of CPM, our people are behind the magic of our bespoke solutions. We are a team of analysts, developers, insights strategists and commercial experts who provide insight and technology-led solutions that will accelerate your sales in all channels. We offer three core solutions, delivering a truly personalised approach to solving your business challenges.
Data sourcing
Our data sourcing capabilities bring together first, second and third-party data, from internal CPM information to client and partnership data.
Digital management
We offer the full scope of data management services, from personalised technology solutions to application development and data cleanses.

Insight creation

Our insight solutions can be applied to every stage of the sales process and customer journey, driving goals and solving business problems.

Data Sourcing

At CPM we pride ourselves on providing the best quality data. We gather our data from first, second and third party sources to ensure you have access to premium information. Our first-party data is collected by CPM and our partners around the world, while our clients’ data covers sales data, market research, promotional calendars and more. Axis has partnerships with many third-party data brokers in consumer research, retail and speciality business data.

“Over the past 5 years, we have used the CPM Insights team as a bolt-on, bespoke data analytics service that helps us provide GRANULAR QUANTIFIABLE INSIGHT to our clients. We use them for geographical targeting and to measure the impact of our work in physical stores. Their toolkit and skillset give us that extra point of difference, wowing new business clients and creating stickiness with existing ones.”

Ruth Stainton MD TPN

Digital management

When it comes to data management, we provide the full spectrum of services. Our personalised solutions range from tactical data cleanses, data qualification and lead generation activities right through to building automated technology ecosystems and application development. We specialise in integrating CPM technology into our client’s systems, making communication and measurement as efficient as possible.
‘I’ve found *shopt really “We believe your data is one of your most valuable assets, so we take extra care to ensure that it is accurate, easily accessible and adheres to the strictest regulatory compliance requirements.”

Steve Mounty, MD Data Science, CPM

Insight Creation

We’ll transform your data into meaningful insight. Our purpose is to deliver value and innovation, focusing on profitable growth. We apply a series of insight solutions from sales analytics and complex optimisation models to dynamic routing and custom notification systems. We specialise in evaluating sales activity at a macro and micro level, leveraging complex data to sales and marketing success.
“We’ve been using CPM Insights as a dedicated trusted insight partner to improve the deployment of our merchandising staff in Walmart. Their DEPLOY solution is yielding significant results for our clients and driving an ROI-led approach.”

Blair Brown, Retail Analytics Director for a leading merchandising agency

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