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Our high-impact physical and digital merchandising solutions will drive sales and give you a true competitive advantage, both in-store and online.


High-impact solutions to optimise ROI
Here at CPM, we have over 80 years of merchandising experience behind us. And we’re constantly reapplying our knowledge to deliver merchandising solutions that really deliver. From traditional physical merchandising to ever-evolving digital merchandising, we’re transforming the way products are presented to customers. Explore our three essential merchandising solutions. Select the one that fits your requirements, or combine them for a bespoke service.
Retail merchandising
Our dedicated, syndicated or tactical merchandising teams provide a complete ‘product to shelf’ package.
Digital merchandising

We can help you reach and influence customers digitally to merchandise your products.

Visual merchandising

Solutions that engage shoppers, place the product front and centre, and gain share of mind and share of purse.

Retail merchandising

‘It can’t be bought if it isn’t there’. This was our ethos in 1936, and those words remain just as relevant today. That’s why our aim is to achieve superior in-store visibility and accessibility for your products. We combine our experience, analytics and data-driven approach to maximise both retail impact and ROI. Get in touch to discuss our complete ‘product to shelf’ package or a solution tailored to your unique needs.

“As partners, we are delighted to see the growth in business as well as market share that the CPM team in India has delivered for us, and we look forward to constantly innovating and raising the bar through this partnership in the years to come.”
Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd

Digital merchandising

Using our *shopt app, you can understand current ranging and displays for your customers. Acting on this data, you can educate, advise and influence the visual merchandising of your products and category in store. Incentivising customers with personalised advise on merchandising to drive sales can be an effect way to influence the prominence of your products on the shelf.
‘I’ve found *shopt really simple, quick and easy to set up – a great way of unlocking new distribution points using the power of digital’
Jon Rabone – Red Bull

Visual merchandising

If your brand is not on the shelf or is less visible than your competitor’s, it’s a lost sale. Our specialists create solutions to ensure your products achieve maximum in-store visibility. We make sure they’re on the shelf, within reach, and available to be purchased. At CPM, we create window displays, floor plans and three-dimensional displays with the wow factor. CPM’s visual merchandising solutions make for retail sales success.
“Combining the fundamentals of Visual Merchandising with creativity CPM has an in-depth experience in this area working with companies such as Nike, Luxottica, VfC, Triumph, Levis and many more over many years. Our primary concern is to maximize quality and visibility of products to generate more sales for our clients.”
Pierpaolo Bertocco – MD CPM Italy
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